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Free Poker Download 2015

At we have made it our job to bring you all the leading and latest poker software readily available for you to download. Our team has spent many hours testing and evaluating hundreds of poker rooms to bring you a comprehensive list of the best online poker downloads.
We have tested many operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux whilst also checking for updates and installation instructions all to aid you in your poker experience.

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Best Poker Rooms and Poker Downloads for 2015

Pretty much all poker rooms make their software freely available to download. There should never be a situation where a poker room asks you for money to purchase the software prior or post download. If this happens to be the case then you should be looking to stay clear of that poker site. Our list of leading online poker rooms which are free download should give you all the variety you need when choosing a reliable, safe and more importantly free poker site.

Poker rooms offering free software

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Microsoft Windows has been the leading computer operating system for a number of years now and many online poker download sites gear their software around the basis of Windows.
As operating systems such as Mac and Linux continue to grow, more and more poker rooms are making their software available on multi formats to increase the ease and availability of their poker software. In fact, we are yet to come across a major poker room that does not accommodate both a Mac and Linux poker download.

Is there a free poker download for Mac and Linux?

poker gratis downloadIn a word, yes! Poker reaches out to so many cultures, nationalities and now operating systems, that there has been a seamless switch over to accommodate the use of both Mac and Linux. As the popularity of the two operating systems continues to grow, especially that of Mac, poker rooms have been implementing their software to become available to that of all operating systems.
To overcome the hurdle of multi operating systems on computers around the world, some poker rooms are switching to browser based sites, rather than the traditional downloadable client. This means that whatever operating system you are using, you’ll simply need a browser and a Java plug-in to get going straight away, there will be no poker download necessary. This massively increases the availability and accessibility for users of the Linux and Mac operating systems.

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Where can I get poker software updates?

everest poker downloadingWhen you first download any poker software it’s highly likely that it will be the latest version of that poker room. Sometimes after a download you will be prompted to install an update straight away which will then give you the latest version. Most poker rooms have an automatic update feature where if you are using an older version of the software, you will be asked if you would like to update.
If you are still unsure as to whether you have the latest software for your poker room then you can often find out the information from their website. Each poker site will allow you to access which version of the client you currently have downloaded and you can then check this with the latest version on their website. Alternatively you could contact a member of their customer support team and see which is the latest version of release.

Where can I download Everest Poker and how do I install it?

Once you have successfully managed to download your first piece of poker software, then the rest is like riding a bike, you never forget it. If you are struggling with the downloading process then fear not. At we have given a step by step guide into how to download Everest Poker’s software. The steps are simple and can be followed by literally anyone. If you have any questions or get stuck then feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Click on any of the Everest Poker Download links on the page. Once you are on the site click ‘Download Now’
  • A pop up box will ask you ‘What should Internet Explorer do with this file?’ Simply click on save file and your download should begin.
  • Once downloaded you can double click the file in the ‘Save as’ prompt and choose your language on the first screen.
  • The poker room will now download and install and your software will be available to use on your computer.
  • Then either log in or sign up using any of our Everest Poker links to claim your free deposit bonus.

How Registration and Bonus code work after the online Poker Download

After the free poker download is completed you will be asked to enter your personal information which you must fill out to the best of your knowledge. Don’t skip any steps or enter phony email addresses or telephone numbers as when it comes to depositing or withdrawing, errors could cause delays down the line.
It’s not uncommon for many pokersites to do a series of security checks, especially when you switch to a real money account. These are standard practice nowadays and you should try to be as cooperative as possible. Whilst they may be slightly annoying, they will only require you to do them once and after completing the necessary steps, you can be sure that your transactions will be safe and secure even though it is a free poker download.
It’s important to remember that the security and registration checks are there for your benefit. They may not be the easiest things in the world to fill in and after doing a few can become more than tedious, but it’s important you complete each step and work closely with your chosen online poker room.

When fist signing up to any pokersite, remember that you will likely be eligible to a poker bonus of some kind. has a wide variety of bonuses and rakeback deals available to all our new users.
Navigating yourself throughout our site (and also using the links on this page) can mean you earn a lot more money than if you were to go direct to the poker room itself. We pride ourselves on offering some of the largest poker bonuses on the biggest sites making your poker experience an enjoyable and profitable time.