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General Poker Concepts and Online Poker Strategies

Poker can be as complex or as easy as you wish to make it. If you are having a game with friends over a beer and don’t really care what’s going on then you simply need to learn the basic rules and you are good to go. However if you want to become a successful online poker player who can potentially make tens of thousands of dollars each year from the game, then you really need to improve your game and make poker as complex as possible. Throughout this article we will be looking at ways in which you can improve as a poker player by looking at some helpful poker strategies and advanced concepts.
Available poker strategy articles:

  • Poker mathematics
  • Bankroll management
  • Cash game strategy
  • Poker tournament strategy
  • MTT strategy
  • SnG strategy
  • Independent chip model

Odds and Outs – Basic poker mathematics

Understanding the mathematics of poker (even on a very basic level) is crucial to become a better player. You can apply as much math to your game as you choose, but you simply must understand the concepts behind it. Some top poker players play totally from the numbers, working out the percentages of implied odds, number of outs, chances of improving their hand and price to play, before making any decision. Some players like to use their ‘feel’ for the game to come to a decision. Either way, you can be assured that both players have a good understanding of at least pot odds, outs and their equity in a hand at any given time.
Don’t be worried if maths inst your strong side. Many people who actually struggle at maths have gone on to make very good livings from the game of poker by just widening their knowledge a little. In out article on Odds and Outs you can be sure that our no nonsense, easy to understand approach will set you in good stead.

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Bankroll Management

poker strategyApplying good bankroll management is arguably one of the most important factors for any poker player looking to take the game seriously. Whilst it isn’t a poker strategy as such, it’s imperative that you practice a strong bankroll managing strategy to whatever games you are playing.
Your bankroll can depend on a number of things including your disposable income, your outgoings and how much you rely on your poker income. For someone who plays poker full time and has poker as their main source of income then a strict bankroll management scheme is going to be much more important compared to a recreational player who enjoys the odd games on a weekend.
This article will take an in-depth look as to how and why you practice a good bankroll management strategy.

Cash Game Winning Strategy Guide

Cash games are pretty much always considered to be that of the more creative players who like to take the game to the ‘next level’. This is mainly because the games play out with much deeper stack sizes than pretty much any other format of poker. The blinds remain constant and you have ample time to build up reads and information on your opponents. The games also allow you to come and go as you please. There are no time restraints and you can play as and when you feel appropriate.
Our cash game strategy article includes information on stack sizes, position, implied odds, determining tricky games and executing good bluffs.

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Dan Harrington’s Zone model for tournament play

poker strategiesThe legend that is ‘Action’ Dan Harrington was the winner of the 1995 main event and also author of a host of very famous poker strategy books, none more so than the Harrington on Holdem trilogy. One of his most famous findings was that of his zone modelling for tournament play. He proposed the idea of your whole poker strategy totally changing depending on how many chips you have in relation to the big blind. The core of this concept is around your ‘M’, which is more commonly known throughout the tournament poker scene. As you stack dwindles away and your ‘M’ lessens, he advises on a host of information and strategy theories of which you can apply when your stack gets to critical levels.
Whilst this information came out several years ago now, it’s still very relevant in today’s game and a concept overlooked by many on their poker journey. Our article will help you understand his concepts very simply and help you apply them to your game.

Basic Strategy for Multi Table Tournaments

Multi Table Tournaments can be a very easy way to make a lot of money from poker. For a relatively small buy in, you will be given the chance to walk away with thousands of dollars if you happened to win. Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as that. The games have some of the highest variance of any format of poker. Streaks where you go without a win can last months on end.
Our MTT guide will hopefully limit these cold streaks and help you deal with them if you are unlucky enough to get stuck in one. We look at the different phases of the tournament and how you should adjust accordingly, whilst also a look at game dynamics and a basic winning strategy.

Basic strategy for Sit and Go’s

Sit and Go’s are a great way for beginners to learn and apply their new trade. They are a place where mass volume players look to take advantage of the regularity of the games in order earn substantial sums. Our article will guide you through how to adjust to the different stages of a sit and go, applying ICM concepts and looking at ways in which your play should be affected by those around you and the payouts that are up for grabs.

ICM – Advanced Tournament Poker Strategy

ICM (Independent Chip Model) is a concept used by many of the top online sit and go poker players. It basically takes into consideration all the factors of your sit and go, such as your stack, blind level and payout structure, to mathematically work out if your play is the correct one.
Our guide has been compiled to help you get your head around ICM whilst also showing you how to apply it to your game as simply as possible.