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Poker Training Videos and Software 2015

Poker is much more than a game where you simply bet your big hands and fold your small hands. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different concepts, theories and opinions on the game of poker. This is one of the reasons why it’s played by such a diverse group of people. Poker training is designed to bring you a select few of all these theories and explain them so you can apply them to your game. It’s not designed to tell you exactly what you do every step of the way, but merely to guide you on the right path and for you to make your own decisions. Throughout this article we will be looking at some of the best online poker training sites available for Sit and Go’s, cash games and tournaments.

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Poker Training Sites 2015

The different variants of poker mean there are different training methods available depending on which kind of poker you play. What may be relevant to a cash game player may not be to a tournament player. Understanding what you can use and more importantly, when and where, is an important skill that you need to develop quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the overriding differences in poker training.

Differences between tournament and cash game training

poker trainingEven though you may still be playing the same rules in principal in a tournament and a cash game, the game actually varies massively from one to the other. Tournament play means that at any point in time you can lose all your chips and be knocked out. It may only take one hand, one cooler or one bad bet, but no matter what, your tournament life is on the line with every pot you enter. Also the blinds are forever increasing meaning your stack size will be fluctuating accordingly. Nothing stands still in tournament poker, if you sit really tight you will get blinded out, if you’re too loose then you will run the risk of getting knocked out. One thing to always remember though is that we play to win at tournaments, no matter what!
Sit and Go games require again another separate strategy altogether. One of the main things surrounding Sit and Go training is the understanding of the Independent Chip Model (ICM). It’s this model that gives a mathematically correct decision every time with every move you make. The quicker you can learn and understand ICM, the more profitable you will be as a poker player. Many poker training videos actually look at the ICM in great detail explaining exactly how it works and how it was formulated. As with anything, it’s important you look to see how it works before applying it to your game. The greater understanding you can have of a concept like this the easier it will be to apply it to your game.
Cash is another separate entity altogether. There is no time limit on the game, the blinds don’t increase and you can top up your stack as many times as you like. The games play much deeper than those of your average poker tournament of sit and go meaning you have more scope to play a larger range of hands and becoming altogether more creative. There’s nothing like the ICM to gauge whether a play is right, but there are so many more theories and concepts which can be applied to cash games.
Let’s take a look at an overview of the different poker training rooms currently available online to date:

The best poker training sites for 2015

  • poker training sites
  • Allround
  • poker training software
  • Cash Game Training
  • free poker training
  • MTT Training
  • sitngo pokertraining
  • SnG Training

To find out more information on each of the above free poker training sites then please visit our training site review page. You can see all the latest information and news surrounding each site complete with independent reviews and offers to accompany them.
Most poker rooms will charge you a fee upfront whilst also charging a monthly fee from then on as well. This can seem expensive, but you need to look at these things as more of a long term investment for the good of your poker game. You can be guaranteed that these training sites will more than pay for themselves, often tens of times. The information on each is vast and is sourced from crops of the best online poker players in world.
Many online poker sites actually run deals where if you sign up with them you can discount on monthly subscription, so keep an eye out for these deals.

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Training with Poker Software

As a modern poker player you simply have to get some sort of poker software that you can use to analyse your game. Whilst it won’t show you every leak you have, it will give you a greater understanding of how you perform in game-time situations when really under pressure. It will produce a massive database of your plays and your statistics, whilst also producing the same for those of your opponents. It’s by far one of the strongest training tools currently available for any serious online poker player.

Poker Analysis with Poker Office

Poker Office has been one of the leading poker training tools and tracking devices for a number of years now. It imports and stores all the hands you play at the tables whilst also producing your data into stats you can read, learn and understand. It won’t tell you what you need to change, but it will lead you down the right path to noticing what’s wrong with your poker game.