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Free Online Poker Software 2015

The past few years have seen a dramatic change in free poker software. There are literally hundreds of programs out there all claiming to help improve your win rate or suddenly turn you into a winning player over night. Most of these programs are complete rubbish and some even hinder your improvement as a poker player. At we have spent hours and hours looking through these pieces of poker software to bring you the definitive guide to the best software currently available. Throughout this article we will be showing what you need, what you want to avoid and what software is worth its weight in gold.

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Important Applications for Online Poker Software

We have already established that poker software can be massively advantageous when used correctly. We’ll now run through a list of programs that can be used seamlessly with the majority of big online poker rooms. At the end of the article we will look at which software Mac users can also apply to their poker armoury.

Tracking and Statistical Analysis

Tracking software is probably the most widely used piece of software online to date. The ability to store millions of hands worth of data on a single application and have it readily available to you at any time makes it a very powerful tool. Not only does it store and track your results and statistics, but it does exactly the same for those of your opponents meaning you can have stats ready to check up on no matter who you are playing against.
Another great feature about tracking software is that most come with its very own HUD (Heads Up Display). A HUD allows you to create a set of statistics to show directly on top of your poker table and for them to snap right next to that player. All you need to do is load up your software, load your tables, click import and your hands will be tracked with your HUD in full display.
Used correctly tracking software can be a great way to improve your game and find any leaks you may not have realised you had. It’s important to not rely solely on pieces of software like this as your game can become very robotic, resulting in it being easy to be manipulated by better players. Not all Networks allow Tracking Software, you can’t go wrong with Titan Poker.

Poker Table Selection Tools

poker softwareTable selection tools allow you to gain an overview of the table without even opening it and sitting down. It basically uses all the hands you have tracked on your opponents and scans the tables for these opponents. It then takes average readings from the table, before you can look closely to see exactly who is playing. It’s a fantastic way to find any obvious fish or to avoid tables that are full of sharks. It’s important to remember that these readings are an average of all the players at the table. Sometimes it may require you to dig a little deeper before finding a gem of a table. Party Poker has a large player pool and you will always find juicy tables.

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Poker Training – Sit and Go

One of the major mathematical tools to come out from online poker software is the ICM calculator. The concept behind it works perfectly for Sit and Go and MTT game time situations. The calculator will give you an accurate reading as to whether you should call, fold or raise. It takes into consideration the big blind, your chip stack, the average chip stack and the payout structure.
It has been mathematically formulated to give you a clear decision as to whether you should call, raise or fold to make it mathematically profitable. Compared to something like cash games, the ICM calculator wouldn’t work due to the amount of external factors being far greater. It’s a tool that is widely used by high stakes poker players to determine if previous plays have been profitable or not.

Free Poker Programs 2015

Often it’s quite easy to fork out hundreds of dollars on a piece of poker software. They are frequently worth the money and often the investment you make in the software will be repaid many, many times over in improvements at the table. There are ways in which you can get free poker software for players with somewhat more limited bankrolls.
Many poker rooms have teamed up with the likes of Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker to offer their valued customers a free license for their software. All that is required is simply sign up and register, clear a certain number of that poker room’s points, and your code will be sent to you. It’s a great way to save potentially hundreds of dollars on a piece of poker software.
Also bear in mind that most of the software companies offer a limited trial period before buying. You can get a feel of how it works and just how much you can get out of some of these bits of kits. We recommend that you always use up the trial before you buy. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

The very best poker programs for 2015

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Mac Poker Software

Whilst Mac users can sometimes be overlooked in the online poker world, there is one piece of software that works really well, Poker Academy Pro. The concept behind this is that you can choose to sit anywhere on a table and play in certain situations against a host of different virtual players. The players will be programmed to act at certain difficulty levels meaning you can choose the types of players that cause you the most problems and practice against that type of opponents. There is no money involved; it’s merely there for training purposes. You can, if you choose to, import a select amount of hand histories to re-enact hands that you either struggled with, or simply want to get more practice with. The program is a really special piece of kit and used properly can be one of the best leak finders in the poker software industry.