Full tilt Poker Rakeback – 29.5% + Cash Back

Full Tilt was one of the few poker rooms which used to offer unique real rakeback deals to all its players. However following the current trends and the example of many other casino operator, they also replace their rackback offers with the cashback ones. On this page we are going to give you a detailed explanation what are the differences between the Full Tilt Poker Rakeback and Cashback . Also we are going to present you the advantages of taking part in reward VIP program for loyal clients – Full Tilt Edge.

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What is Full Tilt Poker Rakback

full tilt poker rakebackMost of the experienced players are familiar with the definition of the term “rake”, for those who are not, we should explain, that “rake” is actually the charge, which the players are paying to the poker operators in order to take part in organized by them tournaments and cash games. When it comes to MTT and SnG tournaments this charge is also called a fee. For example, if you sign up for a tournament with buy-in $10+$1, respectively those 10$ will go for the prize and the 1$ will go for the poker room which is hosting the tournament. The situation is a bit different when it comes to cash games as in this case the rake is just a small percentage of the final pot. Usually with the rakeback offer most of the poker operators are giving up from a part of their own winnings in favor of increasing the number of loyal players in their poker rooms. The main difference between the rakeback and the cashback is in the amount which will be returned back to the players. So via rakeback, players are receiving back a flat percentage of the preliminary paid by them rake, no matter how often they are playing. While with the cashback, most of the poker rooms are rewarding their loyal players, as the rate of the returned amount depends on the number of points they are gathering through their participation in the real money games. Through the Full Tilt Rewarding program you can get 29.5% casback.

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Full Tilt Edge – VIP attitude to all players

All the registered users in the Full Tilt poker room could benefit from the numerous presents which their VIP program is offering them. The Full Tilt Edge vip program has 5 levels – bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. So all you need to do in order to become a member is to register and regularly take part in some of the organized by Full Tilt real money games and tournaments. In this way you will gather loyalty points (FTPs) and your status will depend on the rolling average of those points gained for a certain qualifying time frame. This period could be a week, a month or even 100 days and was specially designed so the system could reward equally those of the players who played rare but in longer sessions, as well as those, who prefer to play more frequently but in shorten sessions.

fulltilt poker vip programAssuming from the above we can say that to join the Silver level you need to gain around 50 FTPs per day for about a week or you can simply parcel out this for the period of 30 or 100 days, like the average amount of gained points per day in this case should be respectively 25 and 35. It should be admitted that this is a great way for the players to jump from on level to another pretty fast, taking in consideration the needs of the players who prefer to move forward gradually.

Full Tilt Edge Rewards

Once you reach some of the Edge statuses you will gain the right to take part in two daily many tables tournaments (MTT), specially organized for all the players awarded with the relevant status. Besides those of you who reached the bronze level could register for two exclusive free roll tournaments organized every Sunday. When it comes to cashbacks they are usually paid on a weekly bases on your status, however in order to take advantage of them you need to be at least on silver level.

According to the Full Tilt Edge program members who are on the silver level are eligible for 10% cashback. This means that for every dollar which you paid as a rake to the poker room, you will get 10 FTPs and for every 100 points you gained one dollar will be re-payed back to you. On the last level of this program the percentage of the cashback are growing to 25% – in this case for every 100 FTPs which are equal to 10$ paid as a rake to the poker operator, you will get 2.50$ back. Futhermore with the free access to the diamond shop the players at the diamond level of the program could even reach 29.5% cashback. Even though this shop could be visited by every player in the Full Tilt Poker room only the players awarded with the dimond status could take advantage of the exclusive offers there.

fulltilt poker cashback

At the end we will share briefly our personal opinion for this poker room. Undoubtedly Full Tilt Poker is one of the leaders in the sector and its fast return to the top of the chart for the most visited sites is just a prove for this. According to the PokerScount.com it even hits the second place right after one of the biggest operators in the world PokerStars. So what is that great about Full Tilt and what attracts more and more players there? Answer is more than simple. First the excellent traffic it generates, which allow gamblers to play their favorite game any time around the clock without waiting for certain amount of people to be gathered. Second not only the attractive 100% welcome bonuses but also free invitations for $50K freeroll and $2.25 ticket for tournament or SnG for the the first deposits. The last but not less important is the Full Tilt Edge program for loyal players which can provide you 29.5% cashback and many other promotional prizes.