Pokerstars No Deposit Bonus – Free $150 Bankroll

PokerStars has been at the forefront of the poker boom over the past decade. On average over 25000 players are online at any one time making the site the largest on the internet to date.  At we can offer you a free PokerStars no deposit bonus if you sign up to Poker Source.  Signing up is completely free. Throughout this article we will give you more information on what you can do to release your free $150.

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PokerStars Free Bankroll Money 2015

pokerstars no deposit bonusAs we work closely with, we are able to bring this unique no deposit poker bonus of $150 at PokerStars. There are no any hidden charges or requirements as all the explanation for this offer and options of how to easily release this money was give directly from the PokerStars representatives. You will receive a free poker bankroll of $150 to aid with your development as a poker player. It’s common knowledge that learning on the play money tables is time that’s going to be wasted due to the fact the real money games play out so differently. The opportunity which PokerStars and Poker Source are giving you will allow you to dive straight into the real money tables without any financial risk.

PokerStars Credit with No Deposit required – Instructions

Claiming your no deposit poker bonus of $150 is quite simple.

  • Register an account with using one of the links on this page
  • Download the PokerStars software from the link will give you.
  • Fill up the PokerStars bonus poker code which will appear on PokerSource page upon the registration.
  • Once you make the minimum first time deposit of $50, PokerStars will give you a 100% match ($50 free bankroll) into your pending bonus account.
  • After you earn 500 VPPs Points at PokerStars, you will receive  $100 more for a total of $150 free money from PokerSource into your PokerStars account.
  • Please note that these 500 VPPs are PokerStars requirement in order for you to be allowed to withdraw money from your poker account.

PokerStars Free Bankroll Building

Whilst the generous offer of a free $150 is certainly one that shouldn’t be turned away, it is a delicate bankroll amount to be starting with. By this we mean that it’s imperative that the Pokerstars Free Bankroll should be treated with respect in order to protect it and for you to be in a position where you don’t need to deposit in order to keep playing.

To achieve the dizzy heights of high stakes poker, you must first learn to beat the micro levels. Stakes such as 0.01c-0.02c/$1 sit and go’s/$1 Double or Nothing should all be considered depending on which format of the game takes your fancy. One of the overriding factors on determining what stakes you should be playing is that of your Pokerstars free bankroll. A $50 bankroll is quite small, so you should look to be playing the lower level games to build yourself up to give you a cushion in your current games. As you increase your bankroll you can start to look at the next buy in level up.
poker stars free moneyIt’s vital that in order to move up you simply must be actively looking to improve your game. The higher the stakes, the better the players and if you dive into stakes that you simply aren’t ready to play, then it’s a sure fire road to disaster for your free $50 poker bankroll.
Poker Strategy is designed to improve poker players around the world. It’s a completely free concept to you as a member and should be a resource that is regularly tapped. The wide varieties of articles, videos and in depth forum debates make it one of the largest poker schools online.
The more you play at PokerStars, the more points you earn meaning the more you can access at Poker The information that you unlock will be all relevant as you start moving up the stakes and essentially playing for more money.
At we have done all we can to offer you the best Poker school ( and the best poker network (PokerStars) in providing you a once in a lifetime poker opportunity. With nothing risked and everything to gain, the potential in this offer we are providing could be life changing. Don’t hesitate and get a Pokerstars bonus in the form of free money using a no deposit bonus.

Which games to start with?

It’s important to note that when you start out your poker journey to play games that is going to offer the least variance. Games such as multi table tournaments are often ones to avoid. Whilst they hold a lucrative amount of money for the winner with such a relatively small buy in, the variance in these games is simply too high to be risking your $150 starting bankroll.
At we recommend that you look to start at the Double or Nothing (DoN) Sit and go’s. The concept behind these is that five out of the ten people get paid, but only double the amount of their initial buy in. Whilst these won’t make you rich quick, it will allow you to learn the basic concepts and strategy of poker, but also increasing your bankroll at the same time.